Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sweat And Sweets

Positive Quote Of The Day:

"All great achievements require time"

- Maya Angelou

Let me start by saying, today was a long day. Moving is never fun but I'm glad that we went to help Dan's sister move. Vanessa and I got to spend alone time today while the boys were moving and the kids were at the new house. We never get to hang out so even though we were cleaning it was still fun. I was also able to spend a lot of time with my niece and nephews. Its always crazy to see how fast they grow in between visits. Last time I saw Cade he was barely crawling and today he was running and talking.

Cade and Kalie

Kalie is one smart kid! Today Grandma had given her a bunch of candy and a little while later she saw me eating a smores granola bar and wanted a piece. I explained to her that she had already had to much sugar and I wasn't about to give her any more. She looked at me and said, " So next time I see you, if I don't eat candy, you will share with me???" I just love kids as long as I can hand them back to their parents when I'm done.

In food news:

The island chicken that I was going to make last night didn't get put in the oven and the chicken went bad. I'll have to try doing it next Friday =( Tonight after a long day of moving I had no desire to cook dinner so we opted for a freezer pizza. So healthy... but while the pizza was in the oven, I decided to make coffeecake muffins. I got the recipe from some website and the recipe didn't make any sense. I ended up with a ton of the streusel left over and not enough batter. They did come out nice and Dan gave them the thumbs up though.

Now the house smells like cinnamon =)

Instead of a muffin I had this for dessert:

It looks like ice cream, it smells like ice cream, and tastes like ice cream, but it is NOT ice cream!Haha I figured out how to make 100% natural ice cream with no sugar or dairy added. Does anybody have a guess as to how I worked this miracle????

There only three ingredients in this bowl. Strawberry, vanilla, and banana. I froze the banana and put it in the food pro. with a little vanilla, put it in the bowl with strawberry as a garnish. Is is so yummy and knowing that I won't get sick or fat from eating it makes it taste even better!

In crafting news:

People love my purse that I made last night and everybody wants one. I wanted to make a quilt next but now that is on the back burrner. Next up is a purse for Dan's sister. She will be getting a bag the same style as mine but hers will be black with hot pink polka dots and a pink inside. After that I'm going to make a pirate tote bag to take on our cruise. Dan picked out the fabric and the pattern and it is going to be super cute. After that is a tote bag for my mom. I don't have fabric picked out yet but it will be super cute as well. With taking fifteen units this semester, it is going to take me forever to get these three projects done but I can't wait!

In wedding news:

Tomorrow afternoon Dan and I are going to meet with the owners of the restaurant where we will be having our reception. I almost feel bad for them because I have made a spreadsheet for the meeting. Yes I'm obsessed with Excel. Dan is really excited that he has the day off. Originally I was going to go and take care of it myself and he really wanted to be part of the menu selection process. After the restaurant, we are going to walk down to the bakery and order the coolest wedding cupcakes ever! I think I'll have to test the cupcakes one more time while we are there, just in case ;)

Have A Happy Night


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