Friday, March 12, 2010

Not Quite June Cleaver

Quote Of The Day:

"The shortest distance between two points is under construction"
-Noelie Altito

In School News:
This week my favorite teacher was out sick and we had a substitute teacher. Luckily our substitute was my second favorite teacher. He wanted to get to know us so, he went around the room and asked everybody, what do you want to be when you grow up and why are you here? When he got around to be I said that I wanted to be June Cleaver when I grow up and I'm in college as a backup plan. After class he told me that women have been fighting to get out of the kitchen and be powerful business women since the fifties and that wanting to be June Cleaver might be viewed as taking a step backwards. All I could say was, "Maybe if women got back into the business of running a household and raising children the younger generations might end up being productive members of society." All he had to say after that was, "maybe you have a point."

I'm not quite there yet...

In Crafting News:

I started a sewing project this afternoon around 2:00 it is now after 11:30 and it is not done yet. Nothing was going right from the start and it just kept rolling down hill. I threw in the towel over an hour ago but Dan is determined to show me up and make it work. As I am sitting here typing, he looks to be on the home stretch. Is there anything he is not good at???

In Movie News:

We went to see Alice In Wonderland 3D this morning. I hate Tim Burton so I went reluctantly. Pleasantly I was surprised! The Red Queen was awesome and the movie was beautiful. My only two complaints are, Dakota Fanning should have been casted as Alice and they should have included the singing flowers. Overall, I give the movie a B+
As for the theater...
$24.00 for two matinee tickets is crazy and $6.00 for a small bag of CRAPPY popcorn is robbery.

In Cooking News:

Tonight I made Herb-Rubbed Grilled Chicken with Creamy Orzo. I found this recipe on and it was quick, simple, and it was really yummy =)

Looking at this picture is making me hungry again.

Crafting Side Note:

Growing up I had one of those Martha Stewert loving mothers. There were countless hours of watching that show in our house. Martha had a small segment in each episode called "It's A Good Thing" and after awhile I wanted to tell Martha where she could stick that good thing. Ten plus years later... I'm recording and watching the show daily. There is definitely something wrong with me. LOL

I found this the other day. One day when we are living in a real house and not a shack, I want a crafting room just like this one but with more blue.

Have A Happy Night


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