Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Pup

Quote Of The Day:

"When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated"

-Sara Paretsky

Kinsey after a day of daycare.

In Pet News:

Today Kinsey went to daycare for the first time. We will be boarding her at The Lucky Dog Pet Resort several times in the next year so we took her to daycare to see how she would do. When we got there she was so excited and when the employee took her away she didn't even look back. This was a heartbreaking moment. Dan and I ran errands all day and we couldn't help but to think of her every five seconds. When we went to pick her up we asked the employee how she did and he told us that she had a great time. The employee brought her out she was one happy dog and it didn't look like she missed us at all. This made me a little sad but it was nice to know that she likes it there. I'm going to be a train wreck when I have to drop my kids off at school for the first time. lol

In Crappy Grownup Life News:

I went in for a job interview today. There is a new TJ Maxx store opening in San Luis Obispo next month so today they had a hiring event. There was a lot of people at this event and it took forever. My interview went great the lady that interviewed me even asked me if I would be interested in management positions. I was all excited and then I asked her when the store would be opening and to my dismay... it is going to open the week when I'll be on my cruise to Mexico. She said that I would get a call back before the 30th if they decide that they want to hire me but even if the do call, I doubt they will want to hire me once they find out that I can't work opening week. I have my fingers crossed though.

Have A Happy Night


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