Sunday, March 7, 2010

Needles And Polka Dots

Positive Quote Of The Day:

"Try to to see the light. If it is difficult, then try to feel its warmth."
-Maysoun Saadi

Pet News:

Yesterday, Kinsey and B went to the vet. to get all of their shots. Kinsey was having a really good time until the last shot she got. All was forgotten once they gave her a cookie. Poor B was pretty stressed out but, she didn't put up a fight. Once we got home I decided that since she was already ticked off it would be a good time to get a picture of her with the birthday hat.

Happy second birthday Princess!

In Other News:

While at Walmart, I found a cute pattern for a purse and cute fabric for the project. If you guessed that I decided to use polka dot fabric, you get your gold star for the day! With pattern, fabric, and my copious amount of sewing gadgets in hand I headed over to Kristi's house for my sewing lesson. It took me forever to get everything cut out and ready to sew because I have the cutting skills of a child in kindergarten. After everything was prepped, it took me a little bit to get over being afraid of the needle. Once I realized that I wasn't going to loose a finger, it was smooth sailing. It took me eight hours to make my purse from start to finish including the gabfest. I must say that I am really proud of the way the purse turned out!

I'm going to pick up a gerbera daisy to pin in the upper right corner. I'm already planning my next project but, I need to hit the books hard before I can get started.
Well, Dan and I are headed off to Paso Robles to help his sister move. Due to the fact that I sprained my wrist I won't be doing a lot of moving but I'll get to play with my niece and two super cute nephews. YAY for being an auntie =)
Have A Happy Day


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