Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mud And Chocolate

Positive Quote of the Day:

God: How do we change the world?

Evan Baxter: One single act of random kindness at a time. -Evan Almighty

Happy Birthday Kinsey!

This morning we took Kinsey to get a new chuck-it for her birthday. It is a lot nicer than the one we had because the handle hadn't been chewed on yet. Once we had the new chuck-it, we were off to Kinsey's favorite doggie park at Laguna Lake. Due to all the rain we had the last few days it was pretty swampie (yes that's a word!). Kinsey was covered in mud and she loved it! When we got home she put on her birthday hat and ate her yummy sprinkled brownie. It is really hard to believe that she is already a year old. Time seems to blow by so fast.

Yes I know the carpet is hairy don't judge!

After we got home from the park I made Cookie Dough Truffles with a recipe that I found on I was a little apprehensive about working with chocolate at first but everything went fine.

They are not as pretty as the ones from Annies Eats but they taste pretty good.

The last item of my day was margarita time with my favorite family member. We went to Chili's and had good food, good conversation, and great margaritas =) You just can't beat that!

Any who... Tomorrow is Monday which means it's time to start my diet and exercise program. I purchased my wedding gown almost a year ago because originally we were planning on getting married in May. A lot of stuff has gone on in the last year and I ended up gaining fifty pounds since I bought my dress. I have managed to lose five pounds already but I still have forty-five to go. Now that the count down is at 228days to go, its crunch time. I really love to eat so I'm going to have to work my butt of at the gym and I'm going to have to learn how to cook health food that tastes good. This is going to be a long and hard journey but I'm up for the challenge!

Tomorrow will be full of exercise, chores, and a lot of homework. I can't wait!

Have A Happy Night


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami In The Kitchen

Positive Quote of the Day:

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind -Dr. Seuss

First I would like to say that my prayers are with the people of Chili and all others that are suffering from today's earthquake and tsunamis. For those of you who know me well, you all probably know that I was a basket case today due to the tsunami advisory that was in effect here on the central coast. For those of you that do not know me well, I am deathly afraid of cold water. But we made it through the day with nothing but high surf and for that I'm so thankful.

Now on to the fun stuff...

Dan went down to Apple Valley with one of his buddies to do some wrenching. Normaly when he goes out of town, I like to have a nice meal waiting for him when he gets home. So today I decided to try a new recipe that I found on for Chicken and Bisuits. I'm not sure if it was because of the tsunami advisory or not but tonight I was a tsunami leaving distruction in my kitchen. There was flour everywhere, pots boiling over, dishes everywhere, and food all over the floor. Kinsey appreciated the food on the floor and I appreciated her cleaning the floor. Despite the mess, dinner turned out really well.

Fresh out of the oven and smelling yummy!

Both of us enjoyed dinner and we have enough leftovers to last us for a few days. I was hoping to beable to make dessert but Dan didn't call when he was on his way home so I didn't have enough time to make both. I have a recipe for dessert that I have been wanting to try for a few weeks now but for whatever reason I can't seem to find the time to make it. I'll have to find time to make it tomorrow because as of Monday I'm going to be on a very strict diet.

Tomorrow is Kinsey's first birthday and I have a lot of fun things planned. I know its a little silly to plan a birthday for a puppy but I can't help myself. Tomorrow I'll post pictures and hopefully pictures of my dessert if I can find the time.

Have A Happy Night-


Friday, February 26, 2010

Overview Of My New Blog

So far 2010 has gotten off to a great start! The next couple of years have so much to bring and I'm hoping that this blog will catalog all ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and the fun along the way.

Breakdown of 2010 Events:
  1. Spring 2010 Semester- I started the semester earlier this month and I'm taking a huge load this semester. Over the next four months of the semester I'm sure I'll have moments of joy,anger, anxiety, laughter, and triumphant achievement. You can look forward to rants, raves, and stories of absolute ridiculousness.
  2. Kinsey's First Birthday- This Sunday is my puppy's first birthday and Dan and I have a full day planned just for her.
  3. Nick's Bachelor Party- One of my best friends is getting hitched to one of the most awesome chicks ever in April. For as long as I can remember Nick has looked down on "The M word". But he met that perfect girl for him and before he can say "I Do" we are throwing a bachelor party that will go down in history! I know girls at the bachelor party is a no no but as my guy friends like to put it... I'm not a girl, I'm just a guy with long hair.
  4. Nick & Lisa's Wedding- This will surely be the best wedding I have ever been to. I'm super excited that they have decided that they want me in the wedding party. In the past I have dreaded being a bridesmaid but their wedding is super laid back (Hawaiian dress and sandals) and their is no way I could turn down this opportunity.
  5. The Cruise After Party- A week after Nick and Lisa's wedding, some of us close friends are going to join them on a four day Baja Mexico cruise. It is going to be super fun and some people are going to lose liver function.
  6. Summer Semester- I'll be nearing the home stretch and I'm predicting that there will be a lot of senioritis moments.
  7. Fall Semester-I get to do a 400 hour internship. I'm hoping I can do my internship at San Luis Obispo Drug and Alcohol Services in the Department of Prevention.
  8. Sunset Beach Camping Trip- My friend Robert has organized trips once or twice a year for quite awhile. The last few years busy schedules have gotten in the way of this fun event but Robert is back and I have a feeling that this will be the most fun trip we have ever had.
  9. My Wedding!!!- Dan and I are going to get married October 15th 2010. We have a super super tight budget. I plan on blogging about DIY wedding stuff so it should be pretty fun. The only thing I'm dreading is dealing with my dress.
  10. Christmas- In the last few weeks I have been bitten by the creativity bug. I'm planning on doing crafty projects for gifts this year so I hope you will get to laugh at me trying new things. I know I'm going to be pulling my hair out and laughing at myself a ton.
  11. Our Honeymoon- On January 14th 2011 Dan and I will be leaving for our honeymoon. The first part of our honeymoon will be a Western Caribbean Cruise and then we will be hitting Disney World! The planning process should be interesting to say the least.

Other Topics You Will See In My Blog:

  1. Cooking
  2. Crafting
  3. Positive Quotes
  4. Diet & Exercise
  5. Books
  6. TV Shows
  7. Rants & Raves

If you are reading this, Thanks for visiting!