Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crazy Ideas And Goodies In The Mail

Quote Of The Day:
"If you believe in yourself, you are on the first step of success's stairs"
-Seema Bhatia

Look what came in the mail....

Yay!!! Both of us got our passports way before we expected to get them. Our cruise is in 29 days, Mexico here we come!

School News:

I'm doing really well in all five of my classes this semester. In two of my classes I haven't even opened the text books since they came in the mail. So when I got an email from school saying that it isn't to late to sign up for late start classes I came to the conclusion that I should add on another class for this semester. This will put me at 19 units which is nuts but I just want to get done with school as fast as possible. I figure it is only a month of hell and I can make it through a month. In preparation for adding on this class, I'm spending all weekend completing all of my big assignments for my current classes. The only part that sucks is the fact that it's so beautiful outside and I'm stuck inside instead of going to the beach with Kinsey.

Twilight News:

As you all know I'm a Twilight freak. Last night New Moon was released on DVD at midnight. Yes I was one of the many people waiting anxiously at Walmart in the middle of the night. I'm so glad I went but I couldn't wait until today to watch it so I'm exhausted today. It was way worth it. Go Team Jacob!

Wedding News:

The wedding plans have been at a stand still for quite awhile. We are waiting to hear back from our reception venue, ceremony venue, and the photographer. We did place our order with the bakery and we ordered our rings. Dan's ring came yesterday and we are both very happy with it. There was a lot of deliberation before we ordered it because Dan is always really rough on his hands. We were advised to go with tungsten for durability and most of the tungsten rings are pretty ugly. Once we came across this ring we were sold. Dan is really happy about the ring having a black design on it but a little less excited about how heavy it is. It weighs 18 grams! I'm glad I don't have to wear a ring that heavy. Well here it is...

Have A Happy Night


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