Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Crazy April...

Quote Of The Day:
"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."
- Douglas Adams

Job News:

I had my first productive day of work yesterday and I had a lot of fun. Everyone that I worked with was super nice and none of them seemed as though they were lacking in the brains department. I’m super excited to go back tomorrow even though I have to get up super early. It has been really nice that my first week of work and spring break coincide with each other. Next week is going to be a tough week though. It has been forever since I have had to juggle a job and a full load at school. I’ll figure it out though.

Month Of Hell News:
Well, April is here now and that means I’m going to be a little a lot crazy for the next 30 days. Here is the lineup so far:

  •  Work- all month

  • School- all month

  • Gym- all month but I don’t know how I’m going to find the time and energy for this

  • Crazy Baking- this Friday after work

  • Bachelor Party- Saturday

  • Easter with Parents- Sunday

  • N&L Wedding Prep- Monday through Thursday

  • Drive Up For Wedding- Friday

  • N&L Wedding-04/10 YAY!!!

  • School- taking exams early and turning papers in early

  • Packing for the cruise

  • Work- Grand Opening YAY!!!

  • Cruise

  • School- prep for finals
I’m so excited about all of these things but I wish they weren’t all crammed into one month. Maybe I’ll lose some weight from all the running around ;)

School News:
Currently I’m pulling my hair out over this semester but the time has come to start thinking about summer classes. I was finally able to check out the summer schedule and I’m pretty stoked about the class offerings. I’ll be taking Crisis Management, English 101 (I can’t figure out how I managed to forget to take this earlier), and Hollywood and the American Film. These three classes bring me to a total of 10 units for summer. I wish I could take the summer off but I have to take the classes before I can start my internship in fall. I tried to make things a little easier by taking two online classes and only one on campus. I was even smart enough to look at the required reading for all of the English 101 instructors and I selected the class with reading material that I will enjoy. Summer should be fairly painless, and if its not at least its only six weeks of torture.

I'm going to kick April's butt!
Have A Happy Night

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  1. Good Luck with EVERYTHING!

    Just keep reminding yourself through all the craziness that it has a greater purpose- work, school, etc. and that you should live in the moment and enjoy it all- weddings, baking, etc.